Welcome to Golden Gate Highway District No. 3

        We are located in Wilder, Idaho which is in the South West section of Canyon County. We are one of four Highway Districts in Canyon County. We manage approximately 225 miles of rural roadways and 135 bridges. However we do not manage any of the surrounded City.

        The district was formed on June 6th, 1916 and restructured on January 1st 1981. The district is responsible for roads, bridges, signs and weed control within the boundaries of the district. (Golden Gate Highway District Official Map)

    Mission Statement

        The improvement of highways and highway systems is a declared, established and permanent policy of the state of Idaho, and the duty is imposed upon the state its system of state highways and upon other public highway jurisdictions in the state of Idaho including county, city and highway districts in respect to their systems of highways to improve and maintain the highways within their respective jurisdiction within the limits of the funds available. Therefore it is the mission of this Highway District to maintain and improve its highway system in order to provide a well planned, safe, efficient, and well maintained system of highways for the residents, property owners, and other highway users and travelers within its boundaries. The Commissioners, officers, appointed administrative staff, and employees of this District are all dedicated to providing the highway system, equipment and trained personnel in the pursuit of this mission in the most efficient manner possible.”

        From here you will be able to receive information on current road work, find information on employment, how to contact us and where we are located. Please look through our site and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

        Here at Golden Gate Highway District No.3 we work hard to provide safe and manageable roadways for the traveling public.

        Golden Gate Highway District No.3 are members of the Idaho Association of Highway Districts (I.A.H.D), Association of Canyon County Highway District (A.C.C.H.D).

        The Highway District is a special-purpose district and therefore is not a part of the county, state or city governments. the district is governed by  state law in the Idaho Statutes, Chapter 13, Title 40.